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Compare the BEST UK prices for Mini Hi Fi Units and Micro Systems

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You won’t find a better site anywhere if you’re looking for a Mini Hi Fi System or Micro System - we’ve tracked down the best prices around.

Mini Hi Fi Systems and Micro Systems are becoming more and more popular due to their compact size and impressive digital and audio quality. They may be small but they really pack punch when it comes to the perfect listening experience.

Mini Hi Fi Systems allow you to listen to music from a variety of sources - from your CDs, a built-in radio and many even let you play music from your iPod, mobile phone or internal hard disk.

We have hundreds of top quality Mini Hi Fi Systems for you to take a look at from the leading UK audio and electrical stores - at the best prices around.

More information about choosing a Mini Hi Fi system below


Mini Hi Fi Systems and Micro Systems are here to stay

Mini Hi Fi Systems and Micro Systems - also known as Mini Hi Fi and Micro HiFi - are all the rage these days now that technological developments have been able to pack a lot of power into very little space. Gone are the days when huge speakers were needed to provide a stereo system with a decent level of undistorted volume. The power and clarity that some of today’s mini hi fi system speakers can put out is truly impressive.

Most Mini Systems are equipped with a CD player since this is still a very popular medium for playing music - but many also come with a docking station or internal hard drive which makes them perfectly prepared for the future. It may not be too many years before the CD is phased out altogether and downloaded music tracks are the only way to play music. So a CD player is still a useful feature - but in the years ahead we’ll see more of them focusing on the ability to play music files stored internally on a hard drive or an attached mobile phone, iPod or other MP3 player.

These audio units are a great solution for people with limited space available in their homes for separate hi fi speakers, amplifier, radio tuner and CD player - a mini system combines all these elements together tastefully in one complete product.

Whatever your taste in music a Mini Hi Fi System is the ideal way to listen to your favourite tunes.

They’re great for party time or just relaxing in your home in the evening.

Choose a Mini Hi Fi System or Micro that’s suited to your needs

When choosing a Mini Hi-Fi System it’s important to consider very carefully exactly what your needs are - you’ll be throwing money down the drain if you splash out on sophisticated high-tech features that you don’t really need.

There are some stunning systems and docking station products available which are just right for the music connoisseur - but it may be way and above your needs.

You should think carefully about when and where you’ll be using your system before deciding how much to spend - if you just require a simple unit for playing CDs and the radio in your kitchen or office, a budget hifi system will probably be adequate for your needs.

However if you want a top quality system as your main music unit in your living room or other part of your home you’ll need this look at something a bit more expensive and stylish - and a powerful system with beefy speakers is a must for anyone who likes to hold parties.

of Mini Hi Fi Systems at

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If you don’t really play CDs, then obviously you’re wasting your hard-earned cash if you invest in a unit with a CD player - the same applies where a built-in fm radio tuner or cassette deck is concerned. And the wattage of the speakers is another important factor. If you want a system for use in a large room you will need a decent level of speaker output - if the output is too low you’ll quickly be plagued with distortion, and in the the worst case, you could blow your speakers.

Many people own iPods these days and there’s no shortage of systems which incorporate an iPod docking station. Just up your iPod into the dock and you’ll be able to play all its contents on your Mini Hi-Fi system.

When it comes to audio it’s wise to invest in the best product you can afford - as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You definitely won’t regret it if you buy a cheap system which does nothing to enhance your listening experience.

Top quality audio equipment doesn’t come cheap - but it can prove a very valuable an worthwhile investment. Music can be very therapeutic and helps us relax when we need to - and of course it’s the perfect elixir when we’re in the mood to dance or party. So it’s worth buying the best system your budget can stretch to in order to ensure you get several years of listening pleasure from your investment.

We have a fantastic range of systems for you to take a look at from many of the top electrical, audio and high street stores in the UK. Among the leading names featured here are Maplins, Pixmania, Argos, Amazon, Purely Gadgets, Electronic Shop, Advanced MP3 Players, BT, B&Q, Currys, PC World,, Digital Direct, Electrical 123, Marks & Spencer, Go Electrical, Homebase, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Littlewoods,, Simply Electricals, Tesco Direct, Tribal UK and Woolworths.

As you would expect we have hundreds of top quality Mini Hi Fi Systems from all the major brand names including Panasonic, Sharp, Technics, Goodmans, Matsui, Hitachi, Samsung, Crucial, Denon, Grundig, JVC, LG, Philips, Sony, Akai, Teac and Yamaha.

All our featured stores operate secure shopping facilities so you can buy your audio unit safety from the comfort of your home or workplace.

We’ve organised our systems into price categories to enable you to browse the products best suited to your budget.

It’s worthwhile taking a look at various products and studying their features before buying - and, of course, we urge you to browse around here for the best prices available. These audio devices have never been more popular and the top stores regularly launch special deals and offers.   

There’s no shortage of features on these mini marvels!

Mini Hi Fi Systems are produced by many different manufacturers - but as the name suggests, they are small and compact and often packed with an impressive range of features.

Many of the most recent models come with a digital DAB radio which delivers top quality sound via the latest state-of-the-art technology. Once you’ve heard DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting) radio you won’t want to go back to analogue radio again - the range of digital radio stations available is amazing. A conventional FM and medium wave tuner is standard on most systems, but DAB radio is becoming more and more commonplace. Some Mini Hi Fi Systems have a memory buffer which allows you to pause and rewind DAB radio programmes. And others come with a memory card slot which allows you to record DAB programmes.

Another feature on many units is a USB socket which enables MP3 or WMA (Windows Media) files to be played on the unit. This is great for enabling you to connect your external MP3 player or memory stick containing music tracks to Mini HiFi.

A CD player is still to be found on most Mini Hi Fi Systems and will continue to be an integral of units until such times as the humble CD becomes a thing of the past. But that won’t be any time soon considering cassette tapes are still available in some systems.

Of course every system needs speakers and the quality of them varies considerably from unit to unit. At the end of the day a hifi system is all about sound so it’s worth investing in a product that really delivers the goods where the quality of sound output is concerned. And the trusty graphic equaliser and bass boost features found on many systems are great for giving a rich and fat sound to your music - some cheap systems lack these basic features, often leaving you with weak and tinny sound.

A docking feature is often including on these set ups and this is a must for iPod, iPhone or iPod Touch owners who have moved away for CDs and store their music on their handheld device instead. More and more manufacturers are focusing on making their unit iPod-friendly as their popularity by the day.

Other features you’ll find on some top of the range systems include wifi capability which enable wireless streaming of digital audio from a computer or other device, a connection to play music from your mobile phone and a Blu-ray player.

Years ago it was a case of the bigger the better when it came to audio equipment - but that’s no longer the case. Midi, mini and micro music hifi systems are dominating the marketplace as people realise you can get incredible sound delivered by the smallest of units - you no longer need huge speakers in your home to give you top quality audio.

The rise of the iPod has made a docking feature as essential requirement for most people on a midi or mini hi fi system - and thankfully most come with one these days.

Whether you are on a tight budget and looking for a cheap midi, mini or micro hi fi system, or you have  a chunk of cash to spend on a luxury system for your home, you’ll find plenty of choice here form the leading UK hi fi stores.  

There’s nothing better after a hard day at work than putting your feet up and listening to a bit of relaxing music - and when you’re in the mood for something more lively your unit is always ready to provide it.

One thing’s for sure - the huge number of top quality systems emerging on the market every month means it’s an audio playing device that’s definitely here to stay.